In an age where communication became immediate and transmedial, postcards turned into something apparently obsolete, too slow for delivering messages, too big to be kept in a pocket. Still, before the age of smartphones, postcards used to bring not only messages: they brought feelings. A loved one was thinking of you.

Top is specialized into transforming that lovely care into a service: we think of you when we prepare and design your box, with the cure of a long distant relative, of a loved friend. That’s why, before closing your box, we put two postcards inside: one for you, and one for somebody you love.

This is our greeting for your trust.
It’s a picture of our land for when you are homesick, something that can remind you of the warmth  of Puglia. Above all, this is our main GIFT for you.

Every postcard gives you a 10% discount bonus for your next purchase.
When you are purchasing our products, just use the code on the back of your postcard and you will automatically apply the discount on your shopping cart.

But our presents for you are not over yet.

We have designed 5 different postcards, 5 amazing pictures of the place where you would love to be.
Each postcard keeps a different discount code, but if you collect them all, they will guarantee you a 50 euro voucher (delivery excluded) expendable in our products.

In order to receive the voucher you must:
-collect all the five postcards.
-take a picture of the five postcards all together.
- post it on your Facebook or Instagram stories. 
-tag @tasteofpuglia on your pic and let us know you have completed your collection.